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[Family Counseling and Therapy]
The goals of family counseling is to help family members understand the relationships among parents, children, couples, grand-parents, and grand-children and to improve the interactions in family system based on the in-depth understanding of family system and dynamic changes by family life cycle. Thus, family counseling is the study to solve maladjustment and interpersonal relation problems based on family, the most important environmental elements around a person, and the family relation dynamics. The family counseling experts should study various counseling theories and participate in counseling practice programs for understanding psychological background of different persons. The Department of Family Counseling and Therapy is established to cultivate family counseling experts who can help family members discover, create, and use necessary resources based on various recent and applicable family therapy models such as structural family therapy model, communication family therapy model, empirical family therapy model, and solution-focused short-term family therapy model. The students will improve their clinical skills through separate internship programs for family counseling experts.
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