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[Registration] Check,Pay tuition bill & Registration Period
Writer : admin Date : 2018.07.09

2018 - Please refer to this notice and pay within the period.

- Check your tuition bill : From July 9th 14:00

※ Inquiry method : Go to the bottom right of the graduate's homepage and search on " Successful applicants check " → Check your bill under whether you passed or not (you can print it)




- Register Period: July 16th(Mon) 09:00 ~ July 20th(Fri) 17:00 can be paid with virtual account


- Payment method : Transfer the account to the virtual account on the bill between 9:00 and 17:00 or pay by visiting the Kookmin Bank

(You can not pay by credit card or pay by installments, but you can pay that way after the second semester after entering the school.)


※ Applications for student loans can be made in early July, and when the application schedule is confirmed, a separate notice will be posted.