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[English Test] the distribution of foreign language test questions at general graduate schools
Writer : admin Date : 2020.04.17

We distribute the expected questions for the foreign language test of the general graduate school.

2 out of 3 questions will be given.  
Master's and Doctor's expected questions are different, so please check them accurately.

The foreign language test is scheduled for Friday, April 24 at 4:30 p.m.
The place is room 425 and room 426.

It is difficult to go to school due to the social distance of Corona 19, but we cannot continue to delay the implementation of foreign language tests for graduate students' graduation, so we will proceed according to the schedule. You must wear a mask to take the foreign language test, and please be careful as it may not be possible to take the test if you don't use it.

Corona 19 will be equipped with pre-disinfecting and hand sanitizer and disposable gloves.

We will also measure the temperature before entering the classroom and conduct a test at a social distance in the classroom.

Thank you.


File : 2020-1학기 석사(Master) 일반대학원 외국어문제.hwp
File : 2020-1학기 박사(PhD) 일반대학원 외국어문제.hwp