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2020-1 Semester Operation Guide (as of 4.8 days)
Writer : admin Date : 2020.04.08

2020-1 School Class Operation Guide

▣ Overview

1. All subject classes are conducted remotely (real-time) in principle.

   It also recognizes the need for remote (pre-recorded) classes due to the nature of the subject.

2. However, only for the subjects (Considering the characteristics of subjects, methods of classes, plans for classes per  weekdays, etc.) which require the teaching work;

   A. Pre-approval of instructors and students (using text messages, Kakao Talk, and e-mail)

   B. Securing safety measures (including teachers and students wearing masks, maintaining distance, etc.)

   Allow teaching from 4.20th (Mon) on the condition above.


※ Depending on the additional spread of the Corona 19 infectious disease, the above information may change.


▣2020-1 Take for remote (online) classes


 1. Subjects to remote classes: 2020-1 Semester Entire Subjects

2. Select the teaching capacity from professor for [Pre-Recording Class] and [Real-time Remote Class]

 3. Subjects that are not available for remote classes, such as laboratory studies, shall be reinforced after April 20 (application for computer-generated reinforcement), but classes shall be carried out at the discretion of professors according to the characteristics of the subjects.


▣ Remote (online) classes are conducted through e-lecture website (access to pre-door portal IDs/passwords)


1. e-lecture shortcut http://lms.sunmoon.ac.kr
2. e-lecture the class type (real time, and pre-recorded) and information through the subjects notice.



▣ Preparations for remote (online) classes 



1. Computers with Internet access (desktop, laptop), tablets, smartphones, etc.
2. If your computer doesn't have a web camera or microphone on your device, prepare it separately.
3. Smart phone lecture uses a lot of data, so it is recommended to use wifi and auxiliary power.





▣ Real-time remote class participation procedure guide