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Guide to Giving up the class 2020-spring semester
Writer : admin Date : 2020.03.31

Only 2020-1 semesters can apply electronically for a limited time.


If you failed to cancel the course during the course application period or the fixed period, or want to give up because you cannot take the course this semester, you can apply to give up the course. Please make sure that you don't have any problems with your graduation before giving up your classes.


1. Period for giving up the class:

 - 4/1(Wed) 10:00~ 4/3(Fri) 17:00


2. Process

 1) Portal / URL(sws.sunmoon.ac.kr) 정규학기수강신청regular semester courses”수강과목포기신청

     Application for giving up classes”

 2) Processing after approval of a professor in charge of a curriculum


※ You can apply for drop-off of courses only on computer. You cannot apply for it after the period of application. 

 3) Until 2020. 4. 7. (Tue) notice is scheduled (Check final withdrawal process on portal site's application menu)


3. Restrictions on drop-off of classes 

1) It is possible to apply for at least one course. 
2) Until there are three students left in the curriculum, regular graduate schools apply on a first-come-first-served basis (three or fewer students are not allowed to give up classes) 
3) Special graduate schools apply on a first-come-first-served basis until five students are left in their curriculum (no more than five students are allowed to give up classes) 
4) Unable to apply for other subjects after giving up classes 
5) Unable to restore after giving up classes and trees 
6) W mark on the transcript when giving up classes

* Check the precautions and dropthe course.