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[Precautions] Building Access Guidance
Writer : admin Date : 2020.02.25
Please use your ID(Student ID) when entering the building to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
We will operate for a limited time. So please cooperate with us.
1. Card access period: 2020.2.26(wed) ~ 2020.3.11(wed)
2. Building access method: Touch the ID(Student ID) card to the machine installed at the entrance.
3. What to do if an entry problem occurs:
-Student and Faculty: Call me here(041-530-8259).
-Outsider: Get a temporary pass.(Method: Visit the facility Management Team *main building 117, 041-530-2173 >
 Apply for a temporary pass).
4. Other cooperation
-Please close the door after entering.
-Shock the door is dangerous. So please be careful.
5. Inquiries: Facility Management Team(041-530-2173).  End.