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[Classes] 2019-2 Application for the Classes (8/10~8/14)
Writer : admin Date : 2019.08.06

As we will guide you through the schedule of application for fresh students, enrolled students, and who are return to school students for the 2019-2 semester, please consult with your advisor or main professor from department to prevent any problems with your graduation.



1. Application for classes schedule



To whom


Apply class from Internet

All Graduate School Students

2019.8.10.(Sat) 11:00 ~ 14.(Wed) 17:00

Announcement for class abolition

2019.8.22.(Thu) 11:00

Change class

2019.8.26.(Mon) 10:00 ~ 30.(Fri) 17:00

Abandonment class

2019.9.18.(Wed) 10:00 ~ 20.(Fri) 17:00



2. Way to apply classes :

  www.sunmoon.ac.kr/portal Log-in 학사정보수강신청서비스수강신청과목조회Please selectyour 대학원 and major, department and “조회Choose subject which you are going to take 신청(Apply)


* Fresh Students - Need to join the Portal Website

 (You can check your student ID number from the Graduate School Website Notification Menu)


Application for classes can be made within 9 credits per semester.

(Exclusions from thesis research, field training, prerequisite subjects and Korean Language subjects)._ Interpretation and Translation department students can apply for up to 16 credits.

Ph.D students can only take Ph.D. classes, and Master students can take Ph.D. courses under the guidance of a professor. (Integrated course subject can be applied Master for both master’s and doctorate courses).

The general graduate school and specialized graduate school students who are going to graduate from the thesis, must take subject “[연구윤리 및 논문작성법_Research ethics and thesis writing method]”, and also take

논문연구_Thesis Research” before your graduation semester 2 times (4 credits~6credits). (Those are compulsory graduation requirements). ·박사통합과정 The students who are the Integrated (Ma-Ph.D) must take Thesis Research before your graduation semestser 4 subject.(4times/12credits)

 일반대학원 The Ph.D. program can accept up to 12 credits for Thesis research subject credits depending on the department. The students who graduate from class cannot be recognized as thesis research subject graduation credits.

 Students of graduate school who are under level 4 in TOPIK( English track students or less level than TOPIK 3) must take Korean Language I,II (But, students with TOPIK level 3 or higher can take the course by choosing Korean Language 3) 

If you wish to take other departments/majors, you must complete and submit an application form 대학원(학과) 교과목 수강신청서” to the graduation office.

Students who have entered the master's course in undergraduate and other majors or those who have entered the doctorate course in other majors can complete the initiative course in accordance with the internal requirements of the department or major. Initiative courses are not included in graduation credits. 

Full-time scholarship, Accelerated degree scholarship, Intergrated scholarship these are possible only when you complete at least 3 major courses, and average schore of 4.0 or higher in the previous semester so please be careful when applying for the classes.


3. Retraining classes

 You can take retraining classes only once for subjects with F grades. When retaking classes, only high grades are recognized and reflected in the grade average and low grades are marked with R(Retake) on your transcript.


4. Abandonment for class : You can give up in the course application, but if you give up on the class It will be marked with W on your transcript

  - www.sunmoon.ac.kr/portal학사정보수강신청서비스수강과목 포기 신청주임교수 서명“ (Need sign for the advisor or from main professor submit the form to the graduate office within the period


5. Precautions regarding application for classes : Please refer to the graduate school website (http://graduate.sunmoon.ac.kr/) and Please check the notice regarding the application and apply for the class.


Please refer to the Korean ver website for the details.