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[Graduation Ceremony] A guide to the graduation ceremony in the latter part of the 2018
Writer : admin Date : 2019.08.06

This is the information of the graduation ceremony for the latter part of the 2018 academic year.


1. Date: August 14, 2019(Wed) 11:00

2. Location: International Conference Room on the 6th floor of the Main Building of Sunmoon University

3. Lending a graduation suit

  - Rental date: From 9:30 on the day of the August 14th, By 13:30 after the ceremony

  - Rental Location: Main Building Room no. 405

  - Fee for Rental: Master degree- 10,000won / Ph.D- 20,000won for cash (It is for laundry)

  - Returning time: By 13:30 


4. Other: The Ph.D. awardees are requested to attend, and must rent their graduation clothes and enter the international conference room by 10:30.