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2020 Academic year 1st Special Onlince Lectures for Basic Research
Writer : admin Date : 2020.11.10

This is Informations the "first" online special lecture on "Basic Research Study" for students.

Please participate actively.



1. The duration of the special online lecture: 2020.11.11(Wed.)~11.13(Fri.)


※ You can take the classes uploaded to the Portal menu "e-Lecture" when your convenience

during the online special lecture period. 


2. Lecture Contents

  A. Topic: Writing a thesis through quantitative research methods

- Composed of four lectures in the first week class (within 2 hours in total) 

  B. Participate: After checking the classes in e-Lecture, the students will be able to participate the online class

     their convenient time during the lecture opening period, 11.11~11.13.

     After completing take lecture and please do the the survey, which was posted in the "notice",

     A fixed period of time between 11.18(Wed.) and 11.27(Fri.), you can get the coffee coupon from the

     graduate school office(main building 409B) 

3. Please complete the survey on the Notice menu of the e-Lecture after participating in the special lecture.


※ Reading required [how to complete special lectures] ※

1. Access to e-Lecture(lms.sunmoon.ac.kr)
  A. Log in to eLecture (ID and password are the same as portal site)






  B. When logging in to the portal, click the icon for the lower e classroom on the main screen.

2. How to take the lecture

  A. Please check the at the bottom of the calendar located on the main screen of e-lecture site.

    "[특강] 양적연구 방법을 통한 논문작성"

  B. Or "[특강] 양적연구 방법을 통한 논문작성" will in the Quick menu icon.


  C. Click on the lecture and check until the end of the lecture, and then exit button

  -> All four lectures need to completed(You can check if the completion rate is 100%.)



※ Reading [How to Participate in Survey] ※



  A. Notice menu which has in the subject [특강] 양적연구 방법을 통한 논문작성 and click the 1st post and

     Participate survey.

  B. If you have trouble to find, here is the link for the survey that you can complete


    - https://forms.gle/kP7NK51eYvTd6Td89




※ Must-read [How to Receive Cona King Coupon] ※

  A. After checking 100% of your special lecture/attendance rate in e-Lecture, and survey submittion,

  B. Please visit the graduate school office during the period(Please make sure to visit at a fixed time.)

    - Nov 18th ~ Nov 27th

  C. Confirming your identity, checking the completion rate, confirming your participation in the survey

    -> You can receive the Coffee Coupon with your sign


We need your participation.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 041-530-2605.





Thank you