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[2020-2] Guidance on the Completion of Legal Essential Education for Graduate Students
Writer : admin Date : 2020.10.23

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family aims to improve

distorted gender awareness and createa safe social culture.

All institutions of higher education are required to take education

on the prevention of sexual violence and domestic violence.


In this regard,

In the 'e-Lecture' Menu has been equipped with online lectures

for graduate students to take their must-complete-education.


Name of Lecture: "4대폭력 예방교육(4 Major Violence Prevention Tranining)


The course is required for the human rights of graduate students.

All graduate students must complete the course from 10.26(Mon) to 12.13(Sun).


Students who complete this online education will be given a "KonaKing coupon"

after checking whether the completion rate is 100% from 11.30. (Monday).


※ Must-read [How to take the education] ※


1. Access to e-Lecture
  A. Log in to e-Lecture web site (lms.sunmoon.ac.kr)

     (ID and password are the same as portal site)

  B. When logging in to the portal, click the icon "e-class(e-강의동)" for the lower on the main screen.


2. How to take the education

  A. Check "4대폭력 예방교육 (Four Major Violence Prevention Training)" in the lower

      icon-'class (non-regular)' of the calendar on the main screen of e-Lecture-dong.

  B. OR, Quick menu on the right. Non-regular course "Four Major Violence Prevention Education"


  C. Click on the lecture and check until the lecture is finished and the screen is on the end screen.

     -> You can check if the completion rate is 100%.


3. How to Receive Konaking Coupons (scheduled) after a course


  A. After checking the education "4대폭력 예방교육" 

     100% of your completion/attendance rate in e-Lecture,

  B. Visit the 409B Graduate School Office at the main building from Nov 30th (Mon) to Feb 19th, 2021(Fri.)

  C. Confirmed identity, confirmed completion rate, date and signature before receiving a Konaking Coupon




If you have any questions, please contact us at 041-530-2605.