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[2020-2] Application for Installment Payments
Writer : admin Date : 2020.07.18

We inform students installment payments for the 2020-2 semester as follows.

Please apply within the deadline.

You cannot apply outside of the application period, and those who are going to return to school must apply for a scholarship.

▣ Application for payment in installments

1. Application period: 2020.08.17(Mon) to 08.20. (Thursday) 4 days (No extension of the period)

2. How to apply:

Login to the portal site ▶ Click on academic information ▶ Tuition / Scholarship details ▶ "Apply for payment in installments"

※ Unable to apply for student loans and double application by the Korea Scholarship Foundation
    ※ Approval for installment payments will be processed collectively at 2020.08.21 (Fri) after verification of student loans.