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Submission Scholarship Results and Application for 2020-2 Scholarship Research, Teaching Assistance
Writer : admin Date : 2020.07.18

Graduate School 2020-1Submit the results of the study/education scholarship and apply for the 2020-2 semester.
Please submit it within the deadline as below.

A. 2020-1Submit the results of research/training scholarship students for the semester

1) Method of submission: Prepare a report on the utilization of scholarship students (# 1) and submit it as a department cooperation statement. 
2) Submission deadline: 2020.07.22(Wed.) ※ Strict deadline 
※ If you do not submit it, you cannot apply for a new scholarship or monthly scholarship for a scholarship.


B. 2020-2 Semester Research/Education Scholarship Application Guide

1) Overview of research/training scholarship students



Research Scholarship


Education/Teaching Assistance Scholarship



- Average score of the previous semester was 3.0 (B credits) a person who has achieved above grades.

- should be Researcher in the Research Project of a Professor a full-time student who participates in


- Average score of the previous semester was 3.0 (B credits) a person who has achieved above grades.

- Responsible laboratory exercise time (8 hours per week) a full-time student who can meet the condition.



- 100% scholarship payment of tuition

Including the existing reduction scholarship rate


- 100% scholarship payment of tuition

- Monthly scholarship payment

(KRW 300,000 x 6 months) in a Collectively paid  Including the existing reduction scholarship rate


Research scholarship students will publish their thesis as the first author in a professional journal before graduation.

(one thesis Master's, two thesis Doctor's, three thesis Master's and Master's and Doctor's) as a graduation requirement.

Education scholarship students can apply only for departments/departments assigned to them (# 2) and must major in the same/similar major.

(However, if there is no applicants, other majors can be recommended.)

Full-time student: Unemployed full-time student dedicated to education and research for more than 40 hours a week



2) Application method: Submit each submission document as a department cooperation statement, including the following documents:

 A) Submission documents

 (Scholarship students cannot be selected if submission documents are omitted)


Research Scholarship


Education/Teaching Assistance Scholarship



Certificate of four major insurance policies (issued at www.4insure.or.kr)

  Common submission by Koreans/foreigners (documents to prove that they are unemployed (non-employment insurance))

    - In case of foreign students entering the school, they can submit supplementary documents after entering the country until the opening of the school.

 If it is difficult to prove the full-time system with a certificate, submit an additional advisor's opinion (# 5)

A copy of the bankbook under the student's name



 Application for Research Scholarship (# 3)

 Confirmation of participation in research tasks

 - Participation in research tasks for new

  foreign students (biased) admission

  Complementary after submission of

  scheduled certificate before

commencement of class Submitable     

 Application for education scholarship

  (# 4)

 Specify the total working period




 Issuing a confirmation of participation in research projects: Industrial-Academic Research Support

    Team at Sunmoon University

 - Task for the Korea Research Foundation: 041-530-2648

 - Other challenges: 041-530-8256

 B) Submission deadline: 2020.07.22(Wed.) Strict deadline


Attach 1. The scholarship utilization report (장학생 활용 보고서) 1.

        2. Current status of 2020 education scholarship students (교육장학생 정원 현황) 1.

       3. One copy of the application for the grant of research scholarship (연구장학금 수혜 신청서) 1.

       4. Application for educational scholarship benefits (교육장학금 수혜 신청서) 1.

       5. Professor's opinion paper.  .


File : 1. 장학생 활용 보고서.hwp
File : 2. 2020학년도 교육장학생 정원 현황.xlsx
File : 3. 연구장학금 수혜 신청서.hwp
File : 4. 교육장학금 수혜 신청서.hwp
File : 5. 지도교수 의견서.hwp