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[2020-2] Guidance for Semester Grade(GPA) and Announcement of Objection Period
Writer : admin Date : 2021.01.04

1. Announcement for 2020-Fall Semester Grade & Period for Objection


  A. Date : Jan 4th .2021.(Mon) 09:00 ~ Jan 6th .(Wed) 15:00

  B. Way to Check

 - Login 성적 및 학위사정성적공고

 - You can check your grades (A+~F, P/N) and mid-term, final exams, assignments, attendance scores,

   and check students' absence and tardiness date and time

- You can file an objection by computer or individually file an objection with the professor in charge.


2. Precautions

  A. Students who do not prepare a lecture evaluation report cannot check their grades by computer during

      the period of publication or objection, so make sure to check their grades after conducting

      the lecture evaluation.

  B. For the course evaluation, please complete the course evaluation before applying for the course evaluation

     in the portal site Login 수강신청서비스 강의평가서 교과목 선택 강의평가 Please complete it before

     applying for the objection grade report.

  C. The grades that are corrected after the application and correction period are not reflected in the scholarship,

      so be sure to check your grades within the period to prevent any disadvantages.

  D. Please note that F grades are all displayed on the grade certificate and are reflected in the average score.