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Campus Access Control Cooperation Guide
Writer : 대학원교학팀 Date : 2020.10.12

The admission management team is informing you of a request for cooperation regarding graduate school classes.


According to the guidelines for the prevention of new undergraduate interviews and practical examinations for 2021 due to Corona 19, faculty members and students are not allowed to enter the school on the relevant day(Oct 17th Sat and Oct 18th Sun), so please cooperate with us as follows:


A. Corona 19 Disinfection Guidelines

 According to the quarantine guidelines issued by Corona 19, access to the entrance to the school will be prohibited from the entrance to the school's east and west of entrance to the school on the day, and access to the campus is prohibited in principle other than the applicants (no access to faculty, students, or outsiders).


B. Schedule of interview and practical examination

 2020. October 17 (Sat.) to October 18 (Sun.)


C. Graduate School Class Operating Standards

 Proceed at the discretion of the professor. (Change to Online or Cancellation of the lecture on the same day followed by the lecture later)


Due to the difficulty of attending graduate students in the school building due to the schedule of the interview and the practical examination, check-out may be made on the day.