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[Corona 19 Prevention] Building Safety Guardians Implementation Guide
Writer : admin Date : 2020.05.29

We are informing you of the implementation of the heat check at the entrance to the building to prevent Corona-infection and spread as follows, Please cooperate with graduate students and professors in charge of classes.

(Students who are coming to school take the class or coming to the lab)


A. Trial name: building security guard

B. Trial period: June 1st 2020, ~ Final examination

C. Trial place and time

  a) Entire building : weekdays 08:00 - 17:30

  b) Graduate School office: Night time and Saturday

D. Trial way: Unify building entrances or allow only two entrances to check for symptoms

E. Contents

 a) Heat test check: Check for heat symptoms through thermal imaging camera

 b) Preparation of an examination table: Check whether or not to submit an online examination table

   - App: Electronic Attendance App / Smart Campus App

   - Website: Sunmoon Portal / e-class

 c) Wristband attachment: Secure wristband per day before entering and leaving







    File : 온라인 사전문진표 작성안내.pdf