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Alien card information for new student
Writer : admin Date : 2018.05.14


For get a aliencard, all new students should visit health center check tubeculosis, HIV, hepatitis B.


After get a certificates from health center, please visit our office. #409B, Mainbuilding.


You will visit imigration office with our staff.


*Need Documents

 - Copy of passport and visa

 - Passport

 - Health certificate (HIV, Hepatitis B)

 - your Residence certificate (such as dormitoty payment, or lease contract)

 - fee 30,000won (prepare by cash)

 - standard size of photo

 - certificate of payment for tutition fee

 - Application form by Immigration office


In imigration control law, you should report at imigration office or citi hall when you move your adress.

within 10 days. If you didn't report, You will pay a fine.