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2021-2 Semester Guide for Graduateion Qualification Test
Writer : admin Date : 2021.09.01
Those who apply for the graduation exam for the 2021-2 semester should check the notice below and apply by the deadline.

1. Application period: 2021. 9. 1. (Wed) ~  9. 11. (Sat) ※ Strictly observe the period

2. How to Submit:  Apply to the Graduate School Office
 1) Mail ( / FAX: 041-530-2968 
 2) The above three methods are acceptable, but the signature must be all signed.

3. Substitution of foreign language tests 
1) Only TOEIC 650, TOEFL CBT 190, TOEFL PBT 520, TEPS 533, IBT 68 and above, and English essay writers can be replaced.
2) The submission method is as above.

4. Note: The exam is based on the subject you have taken, so you should consult the professor for the course.

5. Instructions

 1) Students should register for a research (Who is finished the course) before applying for a graduation examination.

 2)  You should consult with the professor for the exam. Please contact the guidance professor or department office.

 3) Duration of the foreign language test at the Graduate School of General Studies:

     2021. 10. 29. (Fri) The time is not fixed.

 4) Other exam dates are set by the professor in the department, so please contact your department office or guidance professor.

 5) You can apply for the English test from the second semester and can apply third semester of the major general exam.




1. 졸업자격시험 응시원서(Application for Graduation Qualification Test)

2. 외국어시험 대체 신청서(Foreign Language Test Replacement Application Form)

3. 졸업자격시험 기준(Graduation Qualification Test Standards)

File : 졸업자격시험 기준.hwp
File : 외국어시험 대체신청서.hwp
File : 졸업자격시험 응시원서.hwp