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[Register] 2021-2 Information on application for payment of tuition fees in installments
Writer : admin Date : 2021.08.13
1. Application schedule for installment payment

  A. Application Period: Aug 16th(Mon)~19th(Thu) ※ Punctual

  B. Approval: Aug 20th(Fri)

  C. Whom: Students and students who is planning to return to school

    * Fresh students in 2021-Fall semester can't apply

  D. Way to apply: ( log-in

     "학사정보" (Academic Information) ▶ "등록금/장학내역"(Scholarship / Tuition Fee) ▶ 분할납부 신청(Apply for the

     payment installments) 


2. Partial payment receiving schedule



Notice inquiry period

Tuition Payment Period


1st Payment

08.18.(Wed) ~ 20.(Fri)

08.23.(Mon) ~ 27.(Fri)

1st division payment

2nd Payment


09.13.(Mon) ~ 17.(Fri)

09.23.(Thu) ~ 10.01.(Fri)

2nd division payment

3rd Payment


10.11.(Mon) ~ 15.(Fri)

10.18.(Mon) ~ 22.(Fri)

3rd division payment


4th Payment


11.08.(Mon) ~ 12.(Fri)

11.15.(Mon) ~ 19.(Fri)

4th division payment



3. Precaution

  A. Student loan applicants are not approved for installment payment.

  - Reasons not approved: Loan only for tuition collection amount for the first installment payment

  B. If you do not comply with the installment payment period, your application for installment payment may be restricted for next semester.

  C. You can't take a leave of absence during the tuition payment.

  D. You can only Pay installments at Kookmin Bank.

    - Virtual account, Internet banking, ATM equipment, Kookmin Bank window can be accessed.

  E. If the payment is approved in installments, it can be modified if it is "wait", but if it is approved, it cannot be modified.


4. ContactGraduate School 041-530-2604