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2021-2 Research Registration Application Period
Writer : admin Date : 2021.08.02

This is the Informations to applying for "Research Registration" 

 - This is only for students who completed their academic course.


※ "Research Registration": who have completed their studies/cousre but apply to be eligible

                                   for the thesis examination or graduation qualification examination.

  - Students who remained academic year/or enrolled students are not related to the Research Registration


The deadline for application is August 2nd(Mon)~ August 19th(Thu) 2021, please observe the period strictly.


1. Application Period: Aug 2nd(Mon), 2021 ~ Aug 19th(Thu), 2021

2. Method of Application

  a) Apply to the Graduate School Office(Main Building Office No 409.)

     after completing the attached research registration application.

  b) You can submit the application form to our email, but be sure to sign from the professor in the application form

    - Email address:  gradschool@sunmoon.ac.kr


Applications will be accepted by 16:00 on Aug 19th, Thursday.


3. Information on the Payment of Research Tuition Fee

  a) Ph.D: 300,000won, Master: 150,000won per semester

  b) Payment method: Check the bill during the tuition payment period (Feb.22th.-26th) and deposit the virtual account.

  c) Applicants for the graduation qualification examination in this Research Register semester will be notified of the

     examination fee either(Ph.D 20,000won, Master 10,000won per subject)


4. Guidelines

  a) Students who completed their academic year and want to take graduate exam or thesis judgements, must be

     registered for research before applying for thesis examination.

  b) Signature on the application form of the advisor and the head professor from deparment is required.

  c) Only those within the school year can apply for research registration and graduate.

  d) Please contact the department's office for questions regarding the department office

     head professor and advisor's signature.


※ What is the school year?
- 6 years of master's degree and 10 years of doctor's degree from the time of admission.

ex) Master degree who entered in March 2013, he/she must graduate by February 2019.

     Ph.D degree who entered in March 2013, he/she must graduate by February 2023.


※ If you don't graduate within the school year, you can't graduate. It will keep remain completed student status.