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8 11(Thu) - 16(Tue) Application for classes (2022-2)
16(Tue) - 18(Thu) 2022-2 Application for Installment Payment
18(Thu) - 18(Thu) Graduation Ceremony
  • First semester
  • Second semester
03 23(Wed) ~ 25(Fri) Application Period to Give up the class
04 01(Fri) ~ 01(Fri) Deadline for submission of Judges' recommendation for degree thesis
25(Mon) ~ 07(Sat) Conducting graduation examination (major and English examination)
29(Fri) ~ 29(Fri) Foreign Language Exam at the Graduate School of General
18(Mon) ~ 22(Fri) Middle-Term Examination
25(Mon) ~ 13(Fri) 2022-Fall semester application period
05 16(Mon) ~ 20(Fri) Tuition Fee Payment (4th divided payment)
27(Fri) ~ 27(Fri) Degree thesis review deadline
06 21(Tue) ~ 21(Tue) Summer Vacation
13(Mon) ~ 24(Fri) Submission Binded Thesis
07 18(Mon) ~ 19(Fri) 2022-2 Application for the Academic Status
08 16(Tue) ~ 18(Thu) 2022-2 Application for Installment Payment
11(Thu) ~ 16(Tue) Application for classes (2022-2)
18(Thu) ~ 18(Thu) Graduation Ceremony
09 01(Thu) ~ 01(Thu) Semester The Opening of a Course (2022-2)
01(Thu) ~ 07(Wed) Course registration correction period (2022-2)
01(Thu) ~ 08(Thu) Submission of a dissertation research plan and application for thesis review
01(Thu) ~ 08(Thu) Application for graduation qualification test (major comprehensive, foreign language)
05(Mon) ~ 17(Sat) Applying for appointment of an advisor and assignment of majors
13(Tue) ~ 30(Fri) Submitting a recommendation letter for the appointment of the dissertation judges
10 11(Tue) ~ 11(Tue) A third the number of school days
21(Fri) ~ 21(Fri) Foreign Language Examination of General Graduate School
17(Mon) ~ 21(Fri) midterm examination
17(Mon) ~ 21(Fri) 2022-2 semester tuition payment (3 sessions)
24(Mon) ~ 11.11(Fri) 2021-Spring Semester Application Date (scheduled)
11 28(Mon) ~ 12.09(Fri) Submittal Thesis Review of Result Report Submission Deadline
12 08(Thu) ~ 20(Tue) 2022-Fall Semester Final Examination
09(Fri) ~ 28(Wed) Evaluation Period for Classes 2022-Fall Semester
21(Wed) ~ 21(Wed) Winter Vacation, Beginning Season Semester
12(Mon) ~ 23(Fri) The Period of Submittion of Printed Copy of Thesis
26(Mon) ~ 28(Wed) Performance Announcement and Objection
02 09(Thu) ~ 13(Mon) Application for classes (2023-1)
22(Wed) ~ 28(Tue) 2023-1 Application for the Academic Status
16(Thu) ~ 16(Thu) Graduation Ceremony