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[Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering]
Architecture Major
Architect, the combination of engineering, technology, art, and business management, is a very academic but also practical studies enough to be attractive to everyone. Architectural experts with fundamental knowledge across various fields are classified into architectural plan and design experts, urban & architecture design and GIS experts, traditional architecture experts, and architectural design computing experts depending on their interests and tastes. The future architectural education in the 21st century is expected to require experts with own specialties, so that the Department of Architecture prepares curricula to cultivate experts who can adopt themselves to the rapidly changing educational environment based on their theoretical basis.
Architectural Engineering Major
Architectural engineering, the combination of engineering, computer technology, business management, and design, is a very academic but also practical studies enough to be attractive to everyone. Architectural engineering includes architectural structure, construction management, architectural environment, and architectural remodeling. Curricula are designed based on systematic and in-depth researches to cultivate creative experts with own specialty enough to integrate various fields and to meet requirement of the 21st century’s construction environment.
Civil Engineering
The Department of Civil Engineering is establish to cultivate creative experts who can lead national development through development of academic theories and technical researches for designing and constructing infrastructure systems, the foundation of welfare improvement and national development, and protecting people from natural disasters. The Department prepares courses about structural engineering, hydraulic and water resources engineering, soil and foundation engineering, and environmental engineering. It also communicates with experts, research laboratories, companies, and government organizations and conducts researches to protect people’s lives from natural disasters such as earthquake and flood.
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