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2018 Fall Graduate Admissions Guidelines for International Students
Writer : 대학원교학팀 Date : 2018.05.03

2018 Fall The Graduate School of SUN MOON University Admissions department(major)


1. The Graduate School

1) Liberal Arts &Humanities


Degree Course

English Track

2018 Fall






MS/PhD Intergrated program


Educational Counseling





Korean Language and Literature



International Economics and Trade



International Relations

Global Business Administration






Theology and Pure Love


Korean Studies


Public Administration


2) Natural &Health Sciences



Degree Course

English Track

2018 Fall






MS/PhD Intergrated program


Physics and nano science

Physical Therapy




Applied Biological Science


Sports and Exercise Science



Integrative Medicine






3) Engineering



Degree Course

English Track








MS/PhD Intergrated program


Architecture, Architectural Engineering

 and Civil Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Life Science and Biochemical Engineering

Advanced Material Engineering

Information and Communication Engineering


Computer and Electronic Engineering

Environmental and Bio-Chemical Engineering




 MS/Ph.d. Integrated Program : This program enables students to obtain a doctoral degree in four    years

(master's thesis not required)

 English Track: Foreign students can enroll in the program with the relevant English proficiency exam certificates

(TOPIK grades are not required). Classes are conducted in English.


2018 Fall The Graduate School of SUN MOON University Admissions


[Common Application Details]


1. Application Schedules and Details

Date of Application

               ~ June 8th, (Fri.) 2018, 17:00 

Application Forms

Submission Period

 Submit to the Graduate Office by June 11st(Mon.) 2018

Accept only those arrive during the submission period.

How to Apply

  International students need to submit attached application form(#1~6) and required documents by mail or visit to the graduate school office                

Application Fees

 Master - 50,000 won (Translation and Interpretation Department - 90,000 won), Ph.D. (M.S/Ph.D Integrated) - 70,000 won

Date and Place of Interview

 June. 11th, 2018, Monday to June. 16th, 2018, Saturday at Sun Moon University Asan Campus

 Detailed interview schedule by department (major) will be announced on Notice of the website (http://graduate.sunmoon.ac.kr/)

Announcement of Admitted Applicants

 Will be posted on the website of Graduate School

 on June. 22nd, 2018, Friday

Date of Registration

 July. 16th, 2018, Monday 09:00 ~ July. 20th(Fri.) 2018, 17:00

 At all branches of Kookmin Bank (scheduled)



 2. Requirements for Admission of International Students

 1) Those who are above grade 3 (TOPIK) are allowed to enroll. You must acquire TOPIK level 4 or higher before graduation.

 -  If foreign students who are eligible for admission with TOPIK grades submit evidentiary documents (graduation certificate, etc.) which prove the completion of secondary education

    (middle and high school) in Korea, the submission of TOPIK is not required.

 2) For the applicants who apply to an English Track, only those who submit the English Proficiency Test score report (TOEFL 530, CBT 197, iBT 71, IELTS5.5, TEPS 600 or above) can be admitted.

 - Students who are from countries where native language is English or a legal official  language  can  gain admission with the proof of completion of secondary education (middle or high school) or higher education (college or graduate school).

  Applicable to the students with foreign nationality and overseas Koreans who have completed all of the educational programs corresponding to Korean primary / secondary education and university education in foreign countries

 3) If students with SUN MOON University's B.S., or M.S. degree apply to the higher program, TOPIK will not be required for the applicants who need the Korean Proficiency Test, and English test score will not be required for the English Track majors (applicable only to those who entered the undergraduate and master's courses with TOPIK scores)


 3. Required Documents

 ( Please download the Application Form (# 1-6)or the Overseas Citizens and Foreigners Support Form (# 1-6) from the GraduateSchool website)

The form should be sent to the office by mail or in person.

         Admission application form(#1)      

 1 Copy of certificate of bachelor’s/ master’s degree(or certificate of expected graduation)

* The certificate in language other than English or Korean must be translated into Korean or English and notarized.

  1 Copy of Transcript - A transcript other than Korean or English must be translated in Korean or English and notarized. (The transcript must show the score in percentile.)

  Those who have obtained a Bachelor’s or Master. degree in China must submit transcripts and academic records from either chsi.com.cn or cdgds.edu.cn.(China Higher Education Scholarship Network/www.chsi.com.cn) or Chinese Degree Certification Report (Http://www.cdgdc.edu.cn.)

  1 Copy each of Resume and Personal Statement (prescribed form #2~3)

  1 Copy of Academic Plan (prescribed form #4)

  1 Copy of Letter of Recommendation from head professor of the department applied(prescribed form #5)

  1 Copy of Letter of Recommendation from the academic advisor of undergraduate/graduate institution (doctoral applicant only)

  1 Copy of Transcript of the Korean Language Proficiency Test(TOPIK) (Over Level3) or English Proficiency Test Report (TOEFL iBT over 71)

  1 Copy of passport (or Confirmation of nationality)

  1 Copy of alien registration card

  1 Copy of Certificate of citizenship of applicant(Family relation certificate or Passport copy of the applicant’s Parents) Applicants from China should submit a copy of identification card for residents

  1 Copy of Confirmation of Korean national (issued by diplomatic office)

 1 Copy of Identification photo

 ⑭ Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement Form(#18)


- Additional submission documents (submission within one week after announcement of acceptance)

  Deposit balance certificate of the applicant(for issuing visa) (more than US $18,000 on deposit for over one month)

Applicable only to those who are residing in Korea and who must need a visa.

  Medical examination certificate (HIV,TB, Hepatitis B are required) (submit after the entrance to Korea)


 4. Instructions for Required Documents

  Those who come from a foreign university (graduate school) must submit Agreement of degree/enrollment records inquiry (prescribed form # 6) to be used in the degree/enrollment records inquiry of their university. 

  When students from a foreign university (graduate school) should apply for a visa, they must submit certificates (transcript and certificate of graduation) and financial certificate to the visa issuing authority after receiving Apostille with the translation and notarization of the documents in English or Korean, or receiving a verification by the Korean consulate where the school of origin is located or corresponding consulate in Korea.  

Foreign applicants must apply only in person or by mail, not via internet. (Late applications are not processed.)



Assistance / Inquiry for Overseas Koreans and Foreigner

 Tel : 82-41-530-2605             

 Fax : 82-41-530-2968

 E-mail : gradschool@sunmoon.ac.kr  , jieunh92@sunmoon.ac.kr

 Address : The Graduate School of Sun Moon University 221 Sunmoon-ro, Tangjeong-myeon, Asan-City, Chung Nam, Korea(ROK) 31460  




1. Admission Requirements

2. Application Form(#1~6)

3. Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

4. Zip File of admissions




File : Admission Requirements (유학생 입학서류목록).pdf
File : Application Form(#1~6).docx
File : Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement(#18).hwp
File : 2.Application Form and Admission Requirements(2018).zip